January 20, 2009

Obama's first bites after inauguration...

After Barack Obama takes the oath of presidency...he'll be escorted to Statuary Hall where he'll have his first meal as the Pres. The menu was inspired by Abraham Lincoln's favorite dishes...

Here's the line up...

First Course

Seafood Stew (lobster, scallops, shrimp and cod)
paired with Duckhorn Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc 2007 Napa Valley

Second Course
A Brace of American Birds (Pheasant and Duck)
served with Sour Cherry Chutney
and Molasses Sweet Potatoes
paired with Golden Eye Pinot Noir Andersen Valley

Third Course
Apple Cinnamon Sponge Cake
with Sweet Cream Glace
Paired with Korbel "Special Inaugural Cuvee" California Champagne

The first inaugural luncheon took place for William McKinley in 1897.
It was also the first time an inauguration was videotaped.

What beers would you suggest?Here are some of my thoughts...

First course-=A Helles-=Sly Fox would do the trick, Stoudts Gold, Or Climax.
Second course-= Ommegang 3 philosophers, kasteel rouge, Goudenband?
Third Course: Unibroue's Emphemere or Clos Normand Dry French Cider?

1 comment:

  1. The Dude likes beer and nary a beer to be found on the menu, even as an option? That's not right. I hope wine snobbery finds no place in this White House.