January 13, 2009

Overheard @ Sidecar brunch this Saturday...

I stopped in @ Sidecar for brunch on saturday.
Brunch there is smart.

Its always lively but you can get a seat.
They usually have a few specials...
I opted for the Potato and sweet potato pancake (think lakte) with swiss cheese, 2 poached eggs and chorizo hollandaise.................first bloody mary then sly fox odyssey on tap-=-=-=

So I started laughing to myself as I forked into my breakfast special...Adam the owner came over and asked me what I was so smiley about....Sure, the chorizo hollandaise was spot on...but I was chuckling at the trio next to me. They are apparently very welcome regulars that drink mimosas for their weekly dose of vitamin c. They keep the folks of Freixenet in Spain (its the Carta Nevada) very happy with their numbers...

I wasn't really paying attention...I was working on something...but then I heard guy say the following to girl:

"First thing you take out of your life is Public house. And the second thing you take out of your life is Mad River."
and also- smart.

SideCar Bar and Grille
22nd and Christian

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