January 16, 2009

Some mid-day Mi Lah veg

Checked out Mi Lah Vegetarian on 16th st. for lunch the other day...
My dining companion and I each had 2 courses for just about $26 ...
I couldn't tell whether or not they were a byo as I had a few Sly cans on my person...It was 1:15 and I figured I could wait a few hours.

I opted for a soup and a flatbread with White bean/tomato puree, kale and fried shallots.

The soup was wonderful-= a carrot ginger coconut soup allowing all flavors to come threw harmoniously. The texture was pure velvet. I have attempted a few soups over the last month, and I don't believe I could ever make a soup that looked this beautiful.
The flat bread was just okay. I enjoyed the texture play of the fried shallots, but the Kale was a bit much to get my kisser around. The slaw was just a bit awkward on the side...

The service was friendly, but a bit slow and confused.
Next time I would probably ask for recommendations hopefully without adding to their confusion.

1 comment:

  1. Pretty sure they are byob - we brought some Jolly Pumpkin there on New Years Eve.