January 9, 2009

A weekend suggestion for barbecue lovers...

If you haven't been to el camino real yet-=-= get there. Across the walk from Bar FERDINAND.
The food is superb. A few craft on draft. Hopefully more down the road.
I drank a Rogue Chipotle Bottle. They also have the Mexican Red Pig in Bottles.

I haven't smelled a spot this good since Fette Sau in Brooklyn.
Mac and Cheese

Fried Pickles (cornmeal crusted)
You can pick a sampler of different meats...or "meat"
Below is the wagyu Brisket Sandwich


  1. I'm going to Brooklyn this weekend and hoping to make a stop at Fette Sau!

    And I agree...El Camino Real is definitely one of my new favorites in Philly.

  2. I reviewed El Camino last night for The Bulletin. Smells so good in there and Chef Jennifer does a great job. My favorites were the Wagyu brisket and the Chile Rellenos.