February 25, 2009

1601: In the right pocket of Passyunk (if you're coming from the south)

1601, at 10th and Tasker, isn't on the main strip of South Philly's P'yunk, so I hope they're not getting forgotten about. With great taps and a global menu that tops off at $13 (Steak Frites) it's a no brainer.

So to deal with the crappy economy and bring more business in on weekdays, owner Claude d'Hermillon has added a little recreation to the once upon a time dining room.

This area of south philly just got its second Pool table. The first being at Grumpy's on 9th st. But their beer list doesn't look like this...

Lagunitas Brown Sugar
Atomium Grand Cru
Yards Brawler
Sly Fox Seamus (an Irish-style Red)
Mojo IPa
PBC's Walt Wit
Lagunitas Old Gnarly Barley Wine

There's a nice line up of bottles as well.

Games of Stick are just a $1.

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  1. Good call! On Monday nights they had this kick ass DJ there. :)