February 5, 2009

Annette May you recommend a beer?

Ray Daniels has announced that the first women has passed his Cicerone exam.

Annette May of Michigan is one of the country's newest 10 cicerones. She works at merchant Fine Wines in Dearborn, MI.

As soon as I got word I contacted Ms. May herself to congratulate her. The jury's still out on this program....but May had nice things to say

"The Cicerone program is both a fantastic tool to get the "world of beer"

recognized for its complexity and potential for delightful culinary adventures, but also a fantastic way to achieve lots of new knowledge."

May actually gave up a career as a nurse to bartend. She Actually didn't drink beer in 1995 but she grew tired of the rigidness of nursing and found a new life at Chicago's Map Room. She then spent 4 years as the midwestern representative for B. United International, all the while developing a taste for fabulous beers, and my knowledge about brewing and the industry.

She actually met her husband at the National Homebrewer's conference in Chicago in 2003.

That s same conference she was asked to do a presentation on Beer and Cheese.

He won the proverbial coin toss and she moved from the windy city to Dearborn. She's now one of the specialty experts at Dearborn's finest spirits store and beer emporium.

" I have to say that the majority of our lives revolve around what we are brewing/drinking/cooking/eating, and planning the next beer event we're going to attend. We're both great cooks and would rather cook at home than eat out."

Sounds like my kinda gal. Except as much as I love cooking at home- (just ask Steve Smashington about my turkey meatballs) I do dine out more. Congrats to Annette May. Michigan has really been on my radar for a few years now.

Hopefully I ill make it out there this August finally see it and drink it for myself.

ALSO a congrats to local Alex Crowe of the Restaurant School of Walnut Hill College. The new Cicerone resides in Media.

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