February 24, 2009

Around Main Line.com talking beer. Talking Beer Week and talking Weyerbacher

AroundMainLine.com was launched by Sarah Lockard in the fall of 2008. It's more than a blog, and there's no print complement, so it truly is a web magazine covering everything from the PSPCA to the Philly Beer Scene.

They'll be doing a large feature on Philly Beer Week in the Burbs in the next week. They are also doing "Brewcations" on local craft breweries. Ms. Lockard has kicked it off with Easton's
Weyerbacher. It truly is an education. I learned more about Weyerbacher in that one reading than I have in the last ten years of being a craft beer drinker. Lockard details the history of
Dan Weirbach's brewery, the brewing process, and mentions a few of their staples you should try.

The publisher is also plugging the "Septa Sips Safely" program. Read more about it here.
Around Main .com also followed In Pursuit of Ale on our last r5 Hop.

Here's a great shot from photographer Mimi Janosy. Look at more of her work here.

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  1. Thanks Suzanne for your kind commments! Can't wait to publish another brewcation, PBW preview, and, of course, the great feature on beerlass...working on it now!