February 12, 2009

Happy Friday the Firkinteenth: The beers responsible for rampant flatulation tomorrow

20 Firkins will be tapped at Grey Lodge tomorrow.
The first lineup will be tapped at 12 noon.
Scoats promises "no stinkers"

  • Blue Point Oatmeal Stout
  • Bruery Saison Lente -new from California, dist. by bella vista
  • Dock Street oaked&dry-hopped Man Full of Trouble Porter
  • Flying Fish XPA
  • General Lafayette ESB
  • Iron Hill (North Wales) Bourbon Porter
  • Iron Hill (West Chester) American Pale Ale-IronBound
  • Lancaster Winter Warmer
  • Manayunk California Dreaming
  • Nodding Head The Jangler, a dry pale ale with a nice piney hop character.
  • Philadelphia Brewing Joe
  • Philadelphia Brewing Philabuster
  • River Horse Hop Hazard
  • River Horse vanilla something or other
  • Sly Fox Seamus Irish Ale
  • Stoudts Scrawny Dog
  • Troegs Nugget Nectar
  • Weyerbacher Hops Infusion
  • Victory Bags Packed Porter
  • Yards Bourbon Love Stout
Unfortunately Lance and I are Baltimore Bound.
Enjoy yourselves and remember you can take public transportation there.
Take the Market Franford El EAST to the end of the line.(Frankford transportation Center)
Hop on Bus Local 66 (which you'll find at the northeastern end of the terminal )and get off at Robbins ave. Head North on frankford and you'll be drinking a pint before you know it.

Photo credit: Guy Zompa


  1. I would walk South from Robbins Ave.,unless you want some Tony's tomato pie first.

  2. Thanks for the plug Suze. You and Lance missed Groundhog too!

    Regarding SEPTA, if you get off at Harbison (DeSimone Suzuki), you walk north. If you get off at Robbins (Citizens Bank), you walk south.

  3. If "vanilla somthing or other" is not the real name of that beer, it should be changed immediately to Vanilla Something or Other.

  4. Hey
    S. Johansen (could it be you scarlett?) Thanks for reading. I simply copied "vanilla something or other" from the GL wesbite. The only changes I made involved calling Nodding Head and Iron hill to find out what their "to be announced" beers were.