February 25, 2009

Rock Band and the Beer Week spotlight on the P.o.p.e

Norman Greenbaum's "Spirit in the Sky" ranks 333 on Rolling Stone's top 500 of all time.
333 is a magical number. Numerology says it's represents a cosmic "Yes" to any questions or ideas that you might have. My attempt to play guitar in Rock Band 2 @ the Pub on Passyunk East (p.o.p.e) last week was a big ol' no.

I love that song, and thought I could handle the bass. I had no idea what I was getting into.
And I couldn't stop laughing long enough to play two chords back to back.

I was rather disappointed in my performance as was this guy.

But then I read that it's not the easiest thing to do anyway. Here's what guitarist Russell DaShiell has to say about his own creation (on spiritguitar.com)

"I've been asked a lot over the years how I did the 'beep beep' guitar parts on Spirit, so for any guitar players out there who would like to learn how, try the following: Using a 2-pickup Gibson, set the neck pickup volume to zero, bridge pickup volume to max, with the pickup switch in the middle position (with Gibson wiring this gives you silence in the middle position). Do a string bend, picking the B & E strings together with one hit, just ahead of the beat, then use the pickup switch to kick in the bridge pickup in triplets (6 per bar) as you let the B string bend down two frets."
"I mainly used two positions on Spirit, which is in the key of A. For the low position, fret a stationary C note (8th fret) on the E string while bending the B string up to an A note for your starting-position, then pick the two strings together once while the guitar is silent and work the pickup switch as you let the A note bend downwards to a G. For the high position, do the same thing at the 15th fret holding a stationary high G note on the E string while bending down from E to D on the B string."..."On a Gibson you can start from silence and create the on/off effect, which worked well with the downward string bending thing I did on Spirit."

"Downward string bending thing" See he doesn't even know what to call it- it was so revolutionary...how could I be expected to master it my first time playing Rock Band 2.

I've always wanted to learn how to play the guitar.
This was as close as I've gotten except the time an old boyfriend tried to teach me "Wish you were here." Much like all my homebrewing attempts-- it was a failure.

I will try again. Perhaps during Philly Beer Week on "Left Hand Rock Band Night"
Sunday, March 8th.

Here's a line up of other events from one of my favorite pubs...

Saturday March 7th
After party for Philly Craft Beer Fest...starting at 3
by 11 the place turns into a burlesque parlor with New Holland.
Hang out with Joel, Check the original song "Bad Girls drink Good Beer" and try some rarities from New Holland.

Sunday March 8th

Left Hand Rock Band 9 pm with Dan Conway

Monday March 9th
Gonzo: The art of drinking
with Flying Dog. That Dennis Hewlett guy is a big fan of Ralph Steadman's work. Check out the new prints at the Pope.

Tuesday March 10th
North Coast Walk of Shame stories at 4
Sly Fox vs Lagunitas Cheese Steak coastal smackdown at 7. (do not miss this trashtalking extravaganza)
and then Adam Avery Meets the Pope at 9 pm

Wed the 11th
DJ Chris Morris the Enabler spinning at 10 with PBC beer specials

Thursday the 12th
Smuttynose meet the brewer at 4 then
"Its Always sunny in Philadelphia" marathon with the Folks from Ithaca at 7 pm

Friday the 13th
4-6 its the "Angry Hour" with Greg Koch and the rest of the "arrogant Bastards"

Brunch with Victory at 10
Bobo of CHIMAY meets the pope at 3
then "Ginger Night" with Troegs and YARDS- Nick Johnson and Steve Mashington will be there.
Perhaps Nick Johnson will have red hair by then. Troegs and Yards will both have a ginger beer specially created for this event on tap.

Bella Vista Bev. Brunch in the am

Also stay tuned for details on a south Philly BUS.


  1. The dates are a little off. The Yards/Troegs Ginger Night is Saturday March 14, 2009 at 8pm. Just a heads up.

  2. Rockband is hard. Don't let Collin make you feel bad about your musical stylings. I can barely keep up with Barracuda, but it's fun to try.