February 16, 2009

Seats still open for Dogfish Dinner @ N. 3rd Monday February 23rd.

Join Wendy from Dogfish and Dave Marks from
N. 3rd for an "awesome night of new food by bacon enthusiast Peter Dunmire."

The pours

60 Minute IPA
Red & White
Indian Brown Ale
Palo Santo Marron (one of my favorites)
Midas Touch Golden Elixer

The evening should set you back just about $60. I have never been to a beer dinner at North 3rd, but that back dining room lends itself to an intimate experience. I'll post the menu as soon as I have it.

Ressies can be made at :



  1. i think palo santo tastes like rammstein winter wheat ??? what do you think ???there both good by the way but ones a better buy . the frugal beer goumet has spoken

  2. Frugal beer gourmet-=that's cute.
    I couldn't say because I have never tasted the ramstein wheat. I would be shocked if it had the character of a beer that's been aged in the thickest wood in the world though.
    As far as deals on the Palo Santo go...I got bottles for $2.99 in december at Canal's. I didn't think that was too bad. Cheers!

  3. wow a beer expert like you hasnt tried it . its made in new jersey and taste even better on tap . but it is hard to find . ill age my palo some more and see if it changes . by the way if you like troegs troegnater the winter wheat is kinda like that too . thanks for your ansewer the frugal beer goumet

  4. Sorry to anyone interested, but the Dogfish dinner is canceled/postponed due to a lack of reservations. Hopefully it will happen after Beer Week. Have fun until then, and come drink some good beers at N.3rd in the meantime.