February 8, 2009

The Slow Poke Chronicles Vol. 2 Sinebrychoff on the Spigot

As mentioned in my previous post-= The Slow Poke Chronicles refer to the multiple lost opportunites I had last week as I was too busy to blog about everything I wanted to blog about...so other more diligent writers got to the material first.
I in turn write a quick blub and link to the intial story.

I was working at a Belgian bar a few years back when I discovered the Sinebrycoff Finnish Porter. I loved it. It's a Baltic porter -so a bit stronger- I believe 7.2%. This is the first and only beer I have had hailing from Finland. And this Helsinki brewery makes one helluva a porter. It pours Pours black as coal with a long lasting tan head of chocolate hinted foam.

But I don't see it around that much.

I was happy to see it when I started working at Brigids a few weeks back. And I was even happier when Brendan Hartranft told me that it was coming to draft tower near me. Both Memphis Taproom and Local 44 would be pouring it.

So I headed to Local 44 last week. I enjoyed it but not quite as much as I did out of the bottle- As Jack mentions here.

So this is yet another topic I intended on writing about- that Jack put fingers to keys on first.
If you've never tried it, you should. And find some brisket to pair with it while you're at it.

Also available at the Foodery and I ahve to think that Monks/Belgian Cafe have it too.


  1. I had it on tap at MTR a few weeks ago and I'd have to agree that it's not nearly as good on tap as it is out of the bottle. the fruity/cherry flavoris too overwhelming and overrides the delicious chocolate/coffee flavor that the beer is most known for and loved for.

  2. I had this at Local 44 last night and liked it a lot. Between that and the spinach croquettes, I was quite full.

  3. Sinebrycoff is most excellent. Im glad people are trying it. Awesome porter, up there with sam smiths and fullers.