February 8, 2009

Slow Poke Chronicles Vol. 3 Trips to R.E.I just got even better

I received an email from Craig Flaxman a few weeks ago about their craft beer efforts at Fingers, Wings, and Other Things in Conshohocken.Regrettably I even lived in West Conshohocken for two years and never went. They've been there for 12 years.
Of couse this has already been written about in the Mid-Atlantic as well as over here....because once again, I'm a behind I am writing about it now.

I meant to visit immediately because I love me some poultry be it fingers, wings, or other things...but alas I did not. I needed a gentle reminder from Flaxman that they've switched up their drafts once more. That same day I was on the turnpike and my exit was a mere two miles from FWOT.

It was 4:00 on Friday afternoon. There was barely a seat available in the bar. I took the first one I saw and asked the bartender if Craig was there. Craig was actually right there. Hands On- just like a bar owner should be.

He was delighted that I had come and was most welcoming. He had just tapped the Flying Fish Espresso Porter . I was beat tired...and that was just what I needed.

Also on tap was Victory Golden Monkey, Sly Fox Saison, and Dogfish 60 minute. He was also pouring Pilsner Urquell ( which you don't see too too often anymore) and Beamish (Craig shared that he's known PJ Mcmenamin for years and they share the Beamish Love. )

Flaxman got his start on South St. in 1989. He had worked for Houlihans and wanted to bring the concept of Chickens and Fingers to Fast Food - but with a freshness standard.
At one poing he had six locations, a few strategically placed by Penn and Villanova campuses. He sold off most and by choice only has his Ridge Ave. location remaining.
FWOT's chicken tenders are all chicken tenderloin. They make the majority of their sauces as well. Their buttermilk ranch was delicious as was their honey mustard. I tried their "beesting" wings. "Beesting" is a hybrid sauce of honey, bbq and buffalo.
They are still selling tons more miller lite than anything else. But as mentioned earlier the "efffort" there. Flaxman actually has a sign in the lobby that mentions the Anheuser Busch sale to In Bev and the Miller sale to Molson. He mentions that the general public still isn't aware that they aren't drinking American.

The place is very casual. The dining room is separate from the bar to create a tot-friendly environment. The bar is always open till 12. There's a friendly sign that says "Hey, stop standing around and seat yourself." I like that.
Flaxman is trying to educate the consumer. There are signs that give beer descriptions for all better beer on draft. I even found the perfect pairing. The Flying Fish Espresso Porter with the deep friend OReOs. You can get 4 Oreos for $2.95. I mentioned the pairing to the bartender in hopes that she would in turn recommend it to her customers. Her eyes perked up...as though she had never even thought about beer and food together before. Perhaps when she got done her shift that night, she tried it. I can only hope.
That's how we do this. This selling up. This enlightening and educating. Make it fun.
Oreos and Beer. That's something I would think most could get behind.
And the best part, apart from the poultry- is it's right across the st. from REI.
Tent shopping with Lance just got that much better.

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