February 6, 2009

The Slowpoke Chronicles: Vol. 1 Jay's Way

All week long I've been making notes of blogs- but had little to no time to actually write them...and so it is- that I was beat to the finishline-=or deadline in this case all week long. By good people mind you...but it doesn't make the losing feel any less sore. This will be a 3 part installment of my slowpokedom starting with the most important -at least to me.

I got a call from Casey Hughes mentioning that Tuesday would be the day the Flying Fish head brewer and Triumph's Patrick Jones would be brewing Pils: Jay's Way. As its been written here and here, Peter Kruse was Jay Misson's assistant from 1997-1997 in San Francisco. ( I wonder how the fishing was out there for him...) Kruse was curious if Jay had strayed from the Gordon Biersch guidelines, what he would do to make a pilsner...he, of couse, was asking the king of the kaisers. Email wasn't the preferred way of communicating and documenting back then...so he simply scribbled down the recipe...I'm certain Kruse was inspired- how could you not be? But- the beer was never brewed until now.
Felicia D'Ambrosio does a top-notch job of interviewing Hughes and Jones. And as its Friday night, I am sure you've already read it by now. If not....
I had an earlier appt. so I didn't get there until 12:30 at which point the little lady had already published her posting.
I'll say that it was wonderful to be there. And Patrick and Casey looked like they were a little more excited than usual to make the proverbial "doughnuts" that day.
I'll see you at the Klash of the Kaisers on March 12.

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  1. Thanks for the link, Woodsy!

    I love your pics of Patrick and Casey shoveling out the mash tun. 800 lbs. of grain! I had rubber boots on that day and I'm glad I fled before we got to this step.