February 22, 2009

Sly Fox Helles Bock and Sinebrychoff to make you feel alright this Monday night

Brigids in Fairmount is throwing on a variety of Sly Fox tomorrow night.

There will be the last keg of Sly Fox Helles bock that you will be able to drink before the Goat Races this year.

They'll be a bunch of other Sly on the line up as well.
AND and

Sinebrychoff on draft. I wrote a couple weeks ago about my favorite Finnish porter now available on draft. You saw it here first.

Brigids has been waiting to tap it and the wait is over.

From Sinebrychoff's Website:

Sinebrychoff's Porter is the only Finnish porter and Sinebrychoff's oldest special beer. Produced continuously since 1957, the recipe has remained virtually unchanged from one decade to the next. Sinebrychoff's Brewmasters Nils Sandman and Boris Orlo as well as Laboratory Manager Aarne Rahiala are credited with the development of Sinebrychoff's Porter. Legend has it that the yeast required for the manufacturing of porter was smuggled in a test tube from the British Isles to the Hietalahti brewery. The yeast was preserved in the brewery's own laboratory and transferred only several decades later for processing at The Technical Research Centre of Finland's yeast bank in Espoo.
Enjoy your Monday day
and please come drink great beers at Brigids (24th and Aspen) tomorrow night.

Cheers- Or as they say in Finland,



  1. sly dunkel, sly new hop project crystal, sly christmas, sly helles bock, sly gang aft, and of course our favorite porter!!!!