February 4, 2009

Sweethearts Skip down the r5 this Saturday!

Sorry Haven't posted since Friday--=
Gots to get caught up. Continuing the love list of Local 44, a quick movie review and upcoming events including

The In Pursuit of Ale
Sweethearts Skip.

We're doing the r5 pub crawl again-=- this time its a mixer.
So if you've been trying to get your lady friend to come out to an event for a while now, and she's come up with every excuse in the book- this is perfect.
You can join her this Saturday February 7th. If you don't have a lady and would like to come, that's great too.

Well meet up at Bridgewaters by 2 pm.
Train departs for Wayne at 2:19.
And we'll get there at 2:49.

We'll also hit up Teresa's Next Door, TJs and the Flying Pig. Hopefully returning the Philly around 9:00.

Email me for more details. RSVP please.

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