February 12, 2009

This was not the Breyers Butter Pecan of my youth!

I got home from bartending on Monday and found that the Raging panda had bought a gallon of Breyer's Butter Pecan. Surprisingly enough, I've been craving sweets for days and even though you shouldn't eat up to three hours before you go to bed...I found myself opening the silverware drawer and pulling out a spoon.

Growing up Butter pecan was my favorite and my dad's favorite. I don't think he's even allowed to eat ice cream anymore, but he's gonna be pretty disappointed when I tell him that something changed. This was not the ice cream of my youth.

I'm an old fashioned gal, and I like old fashioned ice cream. Something about the addition of tara gum doesn't seem right.

It appears as though parent company Unilever reformulated the recipe in 2006. There's even a rumor, that preservatives line the Breyers boxes. I am sorely disappointed, so I am going to starting making my own.


  1. Making your own ice cream really is the way to go, if you are at all handy in the kitchen. There is just really no comparison, especially after you get some experience under your belt and really start tinkering with the recipes to get exactly what *you* want. No ice cream memory from childhood can compete with that -- and no modern corporate ice cream even has a chance!!

  2. And it's not even a gallon anymore. About 15 years ago, the boxes went from a gallon to 1.75 gallons, not enough for most folks to notice. Recently most ice cream makers have gone to 1.5 gallon boxes, once again not enough of a change for most folks to notice.

    Anyway I'm still pissed that Unilever shut the original Breyers plant in West Philly immediately after they bought the brand.