February 15, 2009

Valenstein's 2009

The weekend came and went in its typical fashion. Much too quickly.
As soon as I get my photos updated, you'll feel like you were right there in charm city with us.

I hope everyone had as delightful of a Valenstein's day as I did.
Even though we've only been together 2 years, this was our 3rd- since cupid struck right before Valentines in 2007.

Lance did good. I am now the proud owner of a waffle maker. He knows that I am unable to make pancakes, so this was quite thoughtful. He also knows he will probably be the person that reaps the most benefit of the new kitchen appliance.
He also replaced the lovely watch he got me for my birthday that was stolen in September.

And lastly, my favorite, Eclat chocolates. (the special 4 seasons edition).
Chris Curtin is a genius. Lavender, star anise, ginger, rosewater....He uses only the best ingredients.

And during Philly Beer Week, those ingredients will include beer from 6 local breweries.

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