February 25, 2009

Wegmans Beer News for Montgomery Co. residents

Mega-grocer Wegman's reconfirmed their ability to sell beer this week.
Phoodie's got their slant here.

"This ruling only goes for Wegmans stores in Bethlehem, Williamsport, Dickson City, Lower Nazareth, State College, and Wilkes-Barre."

But inquiring, beer-loving Montgomery County minds what to know, how does this affect me?

Wegmans is coming to Collegeville this October.
You can get your snacks and a sixer at Routes 29 and 422.

From the Pitt times:

The court struck down an appeal by the Western Pennsylvania Malt Beverage Association, an industry trade group, that attempted to stop Wegmans’ plan to set up separate yet self-contained stores within their supermarkets in which beer can be sold and drank both on the premises and to take home, limited to two six packs.

Wegmans has already been selling beer at the six stores for the past nine months while the case was reviewed by Commonwealth Court, O’Hara said. He was also submitting applications to establish beer sales within another three Wegmans stores.

(that includes Downingtown and Collegeville)


  1. Not only are they selling it.....They're selling GOOD beer.... And if the other stores are anything like the ones near me, it's still cheaper, per beer, to buy a case at a distributor, but their six packs/bombers are cheaper than any of the places in NEPA that sell the same products.

  2. so when can we expect to start seeing beer sales at the Downingtown and Collegeville locations? and what's the third location?

    I remember one guy said he got sixers of Nugget Nectar for $11 at Wilkesbarre which is just amazing!

    I only wish Whole Foods and/or Trader Joes could sell beer like the stores in NYC. sigh.

  3. wow!