March 19, 2009

BEER Swapping @ Brewer's Outlet

I couldn't wait to write about the new "beer exchange" program goin' on at the Brewer's outlet on Germantown Ave.

Paul Egonopoulos, owner and creator of the beer exchange is one smart fella.

It's totally legal too.

Once you purchase your case-=-=-=- you can leave a bottle behind and take one with you.

So much better than the ol' Styrofoam penny cup, right?


  1. BRILLIANT. i'd love to see more distros do this.

  2. Brilliant! But just one bottle?
    Still, worth the drive from Joisey, and a good excuse to stop in at McMenamin's and Eb&B!

  3. Paul owns the office I used to work in on Brandywine. Good landlord, too!