March 21, 2009

C h i f a beers

Last night Lance and I hit 707 Chestnut St. for an elite 8 dishes at Chifa.
as you probably already know Chifa is the hybrid cuisine of Peru made up of Cantonese and peruvian cuisine.
I'll write more about that later on...
but as I get ready to leave for the Atlantic City Beer is on my mind (when is it not?)
and here's what I remember of the beer list.

PBC Kenzinger
Elysian Immortal IPA
Allagash White
Summit Oatmeal Stout

Saison Vos 750 ml ($14)
Lost Abbey Avant Garde ($16)
Dogfish Head 60 minute
South Hampton Double White
Jolly Pumpkin Oro de Calabaza ($25)
2 different types of Peruvian Lagers ($6)
We didn't try them....we just figured them to be the "Stella Artois" of Peru.

The Saison was a nice pairing for the majority of the food we had.

Enjoy your weekend-=-=

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  1. Suzanne - Its Jose from Chifa, no not the wealthy one. Anyways there is only 1 peruvian beer at Chifa. Cusquena. Which is a slightly malty light lager. They make a dark malt beer too. Its in my opinion they are the best of Peru's beers. There are only a handful of brewers and beers made in Peru. They are light and meant to be drank on the beach and with ceviche.
    The other beer you thought of was probably Harbin a Chinese beer which is actually pretty good. Its on Chifa's list for people that ask for Coors light