March 20, 2009

Enter great beer. Exit series.

A bit back I was at the Flying Fish brewery while Casey Hughes' new "American Trippel,"
part of the new "Exit" big bottle series, was in the tanks. I got to try it early on.
I had no idea that he had plans of making a tripel.

Now the gestation period is over, and this beautiful baby is born to many
"oohs and ahhs."
It's nice and dry because Hughes hopped the hell outta it.

"Hops are first wort Palisades, boil Nugget, then late hops Simcoe and Amarillo. hop back Simcoe and Amarillo, then dry hopped twice with Simcoe and Amarillo."

Simcoe (which are known as Cascades on steroids) and nugget being bitter hops yet clean, the amarillo adds a bit of orange citrus. The palisades, a fairly modern hop, from the pacific northwest is known for its hint of apricot. The yeast is Westmalle, and the treats is brewed with 1800 lbs of Belgian Pils Malt and
220 lbs of Belgian candi sugar per batch.

I've had it on draft and in bottle. Coming into this world in the misdst of beer week was well planned, and it was one of my favorite sips of the week.
Hughes is undecided as to what his next "exit" or beer style will be.

I was inspired to give the exit a shout out because I'm heading across the bridge for the weekend.

It's the Atlantic City Beer Fest.
Over 8,000 tickets were sold. I am hoping to meet a lot of distributor owners. I heard they're around on Sat. and Sun afternoons. Come sundown, the Convention center turns into a shit show, but you take the good, you take the bad, and there you have....

Two events of 2007-
A woman was behaving so obnoxiously, I was taken aback. then I realized she was with her husband and had a ring on. I thought to myself, "Good Lord! She planned a wedding?"

Shortly after that, a brawny woman of sorts, with a caravan of suitors behind her- all which could have piledrived me in a second-was trying to steal beer from me. Saison Vos I think. She took it and ran away. I chased her and "told her off." Not one of my prouder moments, but at that point in the day I had enough. Casey Hughes likes to retell this story a few times a year. It's better when he does it.

Don't worry-=-=I'll report back on Monday with all the misdemeanors of Nick Johnson and Company.


  1. I totally agree with you. This was one tasty Tripel IPA type of beer. Love the American Tripels loaded with tons of American aroma hops!

  2. In NJ...Canals of all sorts has it. I've seen it at Joe Canals in Lawrenceville, Canals in Hamilton, and Wegmans in Princeton. I am sure Super Saver in Pennington has it.

    Best price I've seen was $8.99 at Wegmans. I picked up a few bottles there and they had plenty more.

  3. that beer was damn amazing!

    the only place I've had it was on tap at McGillins during the pub crawl thing.