March 3, 2009

"Everything should taste like bacon" -=-=-Smashington prepares for "Smoke 'em"

For those of you that don't know I've given up meat for lent.
Well, most meat.
I am allowed and encouraged to eat Cheesesteaks as I prepare for my cheesesteak smackdown against Trevor from Lagunitas at the POPE next Tuesday night 7 pm.

He speaks of the Northern Cali funk and fury...I am getting rather nervous.

Putting the kibosh on bacon consumption for a carne crazed lady is not an easy task.
But the fine folks of YARDS will be providing hours of bacon beer on
Friday, March 13th. Starting at 12 pm. A bus will be going back and forth between YARDS "Smoke Em if you got 'em event" and Scoats' "Friday the firkinteenth" all day.

Steve Mashington, the "ninja" biz manager of YARDS, has been spending his limited spare time researching all things bacon in preparation for his day of all things smokey.

So far his findings include baconaiise and bacon chapstick.
( I currently have a stick in my possession).

The line up of beers is going to be great. Even some out of towners. Check out the list here.

Avoid doing work a bit longer with this video viewing of one baconhead's journey across america to share his passion for the pork.

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