March 4, 2009

Flying Fish Firkin tonight tonight involving a third party delivery of mallet plus Jack plugs

Tonight at 6 pm...Casey Hughes will be tapping a firkin of
Flying Fish's Abbey Dubbel.

It will be one of the firkins of a series leading up to the Opening Tap that involves this much talked about Mallet.
(Birthed of William Reed and Scoats)

Jack Curtin ran a post last week asking people for suggestions on what to call it. If you haven't seen it yet, have at it.

Also Jack has dug into his archives re: Philadelphia Beer back in the 1990s...If you've got the time, its definitely worth a read.

And lastly still Jackly...
Brunch on Saturday March 14th.
Uncle Jack Story Hour 11 am
Have some steak and eggs and story time with the man that inarguably has probably seen more than you. And definitely has seen more than me

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