March 6, 2009

foobooz goes beer for today's METRO cover

Art Etchells has it pretty good. He's an IT guy for and has this little side job called foobooz. Most of you know foobooz...their schtick is to take the best of everything out there and condense if for one-stop browsing. Then visitors can click on links and find everything food and drink in philly.

Art also writes "The Bite" in the metro every Wednesday. But today, Friday, the first day of Philly's 2nd annual Beer Week, art's mug graces the cover.

He bopped around the city the other night in search of the finest beers available in Philly.
Here are his findings-=-=-=

Flying Fish Abbery Dubbel Firkin @ the Good Dog
O'REilly's Stout At the KITE and KEY
Tripel KARMELIET- Belgian Cafe
EStreLLA Damn indedit AMADA
Russian River Damnation @ South Philly Tap Room
Pennichuck Pozharnik @ the SIDECAR

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