March 17, 2009

Goody's = Baddy's

It's too easy, not to just do the antonymous thing here.
Goody's- the pizza shop directly next to the everyone's favorite lodge-the Grey Lodge- is up for a rename.

The only good things about this place are:
*They let you bring beer in for next door.
*you can grab a slice when grey lodge is really busy, should it not matter how uneventful said slice is.

Why am I so bitter?

*Their crust has got to be frozen. Or maybe I just don't care for "philly style pizza"
*They have no condiment parmesan cheese, garlic salt, crushed red pepper, no nothing. If a parlor doesn't have a condiment bar, it should only be because there pizza is the best of the best..and that is not the case here.
*They haven't changed their menu in over a year. They've had this "prices aren't right" sign up for over 365 days. I think its time to change it.

1 comment:

  1. Given the choice, I'd be ordering the tomato Pie at the GL before I'd EVER order anything at that dive next door! The food at the GL is as good as it gets, fries, buirgers, cheesesteaks, MUSSELS!!! and that garlicky tomato pie, NE Philly-style too (that means cheese on the bottome, sauce on top!). And the GL's wings are some of the best in the city, BTW.