March 6, 2009

Philly Beer Geek Finalists announced

Last night's Philly Beer Geek Semi-finals were filled with quips, poetry, jokes, and love for Philadelphia and its unsurpassed beer culture.

Philly Beer Geek was created and hosted by Carolyn Smagalski (The Beer Fox of Bella Online) and Jason Harris (Keystone homebrew).

I sat with a great judges panel including Chris Firey, Lew Bryson, Larry "I love the mic" Horwitz,
Joel of New Holland Brewing Co, and SCOATS.

It was hard deciding who should move on. I took a bunch of notes of humorous things said throughout the evening but alas I left them in Manayunk.

Kudos to the finalists....which include the femme fermental herself, Gina Talley.
She was representing the Institute on 12th and Green.
Gina started of a bit timid, but gained confidence by the end.
She won me over with some original work in the poetry/joke round. It was cute, Dr. Seuss style.

Other finalists include
Andrew Pope
Steve who also competed last year and is kind of in first place representing Grey Lodge
"Beer Island" Jim Weber
Doug Hager (owner of the upcoming Brauhaus Shmitz) who also performed a parody "wish you were beer"
Nate (spinnsertown hotel) a 23 year old that came back from Florida early to compete.

The finals are next Thursday at 8 pm.
Manayunk Brewing Co.

Celebrity Judges include
Steve Robson (Philly beer geek 2008)
Don Russell
Whitney Thompson (Victory Brewing co)
Dave Alexander (Brickskellar in DC)
Jack Curtin
and Chris Firey ( the man at manayunk brewery)

If you ever need an emcee for anything, you should see if Larry's available.
He's got it like that.

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