March 25, 2009

Local pours still waiting for the affection of Philly hotels

I got a call this week about a beer gig in May. I am going to hang out at the Marriott for a few hours talking beer with folks in town for a conference. I am looking forward to it, I have to recommend local and regional beers for them to bring in. Their current "local offering" is Yuengling lager.

Marriott advertised for Philly Beer Week. They launched their new restaurant, 13, which is actually at 1201 Market St. They poured 13 Sam Adams beers over 13 hours. And served complimentary hors d oeuvres. I'll have to ask my Boston Beer buddy Liz how it worked out.

I guess I am a bit annoyed that there's no local craft beer at the hotel closest to the train station.
Radisson is doing it. I think I heard Lowes has a couple locals on, as does the Four Seasons.
Sheraton started their Four points hotels a few years ago and even appointed a Chief Beer Officer.

Any other Philly hotels carrying local or regional craft beer?


  1. They poured 13 Sam Adams beers over 13 hours.

    Actually the Sam Adams rep left early so they didn't make the 13 hours or 13 beers. They had the Blackberry Wit but no Boston Ale. This was about 10pm. After that we ended up leaving to Noddinghead as the other bottled beers from Sam are pretty common.

  2. FYI, The Embassy Suites near the airport does a craft beer tasting every Tuesday. Not quite center city, but a nice touch none the less.

  3. The Park Hyatt Carries great craft beer on tap so does the bar at the Radisson Warwick