March 7, 2009

Philly Beer Week Day 1- photos later

gosh darn it. I'm beat one day in.

Last night was
*Standard tap for the handing off of the HOG from the Philly Roller Girls. A firkin of standard ale was tapped.
*then Opening Tap- well run except for security was a pain.
*Then "meet the beer rep" Dan Conway for Left Hand (I came up with left handed rock paper scissors and lost three for three. One would never know I was once ranked 36th in the city;)

*then off to St. Stephens green to finally meet the man from Kalamazoo Larry Bell.
We chatted briefly. He got up on the bar and made sure everyone in the bar knew how special craft beer was.

He was drunk. So was everyone else.

No we're on to day two.
I'm gonna head over to Johnny Brenda's for lunch.
Then drink a few Sly Fox cans around center city for a can crawl.
Jose pistolas, misconduct tavern, and TIME.

Then a bit of South Philly.
Then KING PIN at standard.
This event should be pretty cool.

It's pay as you go. What local brewery can kick their pin first to be titled --the KING PIN of philly.

Come help me kick.

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