March 20, 2009

Spring has sprung, new bars to follow.

Stay tuned for "developing" details on two new beer bars to hit Philadelphia this spring.

You can follow the progress of Brauhaus Schmitz here.
Doug and Kelly Hager have hired their chef and will be serving up brats by the end of spring.

The other anticipated pub opening is the Varga Bar at 10th and Spruce in the old quarters of the short lived Azul Cantina.
I've been waiting to write about it till I had a bit more detail but then Phoodie friends released the exclusive. They've got it like that. Read all about it there.

The theme is pin-up gals. Picture black and white tile floors with a 14 seat brand new bar that includes a wall mounted draft system pouring twenty taps. Look forward to a lot of local favorites as well as Belgians. Evan Turney-who's quite terrific if you ask me- is in the kitchen, while still overseeing byo Mercado and Valanni.

They'll have the pretty ladies painted on the ceiling.
Should be a welcome spectacle for your viewing no later than MAY 1st.

Happy, Happy Spring.

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