March 19, 2009

Still recapping-=- Tuesday's dfh luncheon

Gina Talley already covered the Dogfish Head luncheon here. As did Uncle Jack. It was incredible.
I dont' think I have ever heard of fruit salumi.
And I certainly never thought of a "Porelkbit" but I liked it.
The "Hop snacks" were also interesting. Andy put a lot of effort into creating our experience that day, and Sam hammed it up as he's known to do.

I was beat that day. I had been caramelizing onions all night for my cheesesteak smackdown.
I started a batch on Sunday because I knew it would take forever.
6 pounds of onions, surely looked like less by the time I was done.
I slept on the couch and set the alarm on my stove so I would wake up every hour to deglaze them. More on that later...
I had to be at channel 10 by 8:45 in the morning. It was one of the worst nights of sleep I have ever had, but the onions were dark brown and as sweet as they get. I was pleased. Fatigued as heck, but confident that my time was well spent.

Sam made sure he went around the room talking with everyone. He shared anecdotes about DFH, like his near bankruptcy in the late 90s. He truly is one to be admired. As is that Andy Dickerson guy. Two guys that took a chance. That also make one heck of a product, who cares if they're easy on the eyes. I only have eyes for one, and I think he only cooked for me twice. But he does make some pretty good beer. You can start drinking it in Maple Shade this Summer as Jack wrote again this week.

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