March 4, 2009

This is why you're fat. This is why I'm fat.

Liz Einhorn of Boston Beer Co. reminds me a bit of myself back in the day. A young lass in her mid-20s working for the man, learning about beer, and pretending to care about fitness in her spare time. And other than her being Jewish, we have a bunch in common. Actually-she has invented "Jent" - Jewish Lent, which involves her not eating meat on Fridays...

One of the tidbits she's shared with me lately and I will now pass on to you is

"This is why you're fat."

A website dedicated to food photos and that's about all. Said food photos bare names such as
Lankford's Gluttoneer, and the 30,000 Calorie Sandwich. Note that the blog's actual subtitle is "Where dreams become heart attacks."

I've been complaining about being a "Gerd Nerd" lately. I have some kind of stomach acid issues. When discussing it with my older, ever-practical sibling Patricia, she told me quite bluntly, my issues are due to the fact that I eat like crap.

This also reminds me of the time in December where I got some-once again rather blunt- hate mail from a guy or gal calling me a "fat ass."

Giving up the swine for Lent will hopefully help with all of this. The key word being hopefully.
But if my time in the kitchen this evening is any representation of the next five weeks, I will probably remain fat.

Tonight I took a break from Beer Week organizing to work on a recipe for a Macaroni and Cheese showdown I have at the P.o.p.e in a few weeks. Here's "Heavy on the cheese" results.



  1. Love the link. It's making me hungry for a bacon maple bar from Voodoo DOnuts.

  2. the first time i saw that website a few weeks ago i could feel my arteries hardening....i never went back for fear i may need to have a stent or two put in

  3. nice touch with the cavatappi

  4. don't dwell on the weight obsessed hate mail would bother me too, but its our society, judges women so harshly [maybe a better topic for IPA club?] just wanted to let you know I have your back. :)