April 21, 2009

Beantown Bound

Leaving in twenty for Boston. The Sly Fox gang is riding up together. We're going to have our Monday morning meeting in O'Reilly's car for 7 hours;)

I've never been to the Craft Brewers Conf. before. I've done my schedule for the week, and will be doing all sorts of seminars. Mostly marketing, and I threw in one on Beer and Health.

I am also attending the Pink boots Luncheon- which reminds me I have to pack my new Hot pink boots. They're outrageous (and not in a good way) but I got them for $7.99. And you can't argue that.

On Friday, Lance and I will continue to journey north to Portland, Me for my birthday. I've never been to Portland but nothing says 31 like a coastal city with good beer.

I will try to update throughout the week. And I have many weekend stories to share as well.
Like climbing 3 stories on a wooden ladder to see the top of a grist mill on Sat....then Sunday- dropping and thus shattering a bottle of Sly Fox indoor poolside at a resort.

I still think we got a new Sly Fox placement there despite my clumsiness.

There were many adventures. And I am sure this week will provide the same.
PS: don't forget about the Alison two dinner
PPS: Enjoy earth day...drink a can.


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  1. Ah Portland, such a fine place to go. Sitting on the deck at Brian Boru,drinking some cask at The Great Lost Bear, hanging out at Three Dollar Deweys. Some litle brewery to visit named Allagash. Also a great food town, so have a good B-day!