April 3, 2009

The never-ending brunch

Sunday was the first day in a month I had zero to do. No A. C. No beer week. No quizzobowl. No family event. Nothing. Lance and I decided we would hit up the Abbaye.

He's a biscuits and gravy guy, and I think the 3rd and Fairmount watering hole represents the cholesterol-laden loveliness quite well.
I went in there thinking, "bloody mary," but quickly switched to beer when I saw the Elysian Esb on. For some reason I ran into Dave Buhler everywhere over beer week...I was already a fan, and now even moreso. Lap started with the Kira Wit. He enjoyed it. We're still a bit baffled by Blanche de Bruxelles all over the city. We had "beer school" at the wine school this week, and even instructor Dean Browne mentioned it was his favorite Belgian Wit. I definitely don't want to see Hoegaarden, but Allagash and South Hampton will hopefully get even more play, or perhaps this Kira brand. He moved on to the Piraat afterwards, and shared a dislike of its increase in phenolics. I agree.
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The food was g-o-o-d. That's what my pop always says- but he says food in the same pronounciation as food. The temporary vegetarian in me got a cheddar omelette with caramelized onions, spinach, cheddar, and beans. It was mexi-style with the addition of the beans. They even had a bit of a pOp. The bread was cut thick. And toasted perfectly.

Lance didn't feel that just biscuits and gravy was enough to hurt his heart, so he ordered it with chicken tenders and bacon on it as well. The surprise visit of jennie hatton, made the brunch all the more delightful.

We moved on to the Druid's Keep. Sunday was beautiful out, well until the hailstorm hit. The gent actually debuted his new Lemond bike (that he built) on the Streets of Philadelphia that day.

We hung out in the backyard of the "keep." All the usual suspects- smash, casey, paul, fava, and all their lady friends. We played corn hole and drank brawler. We reminisced about Prom 2008 and there was also a dance off (the dueling dancers shall remain nameless, but Mashington was involved.)

After a while, a few needed a bit of sustenance, so they grabbed a bowl of chili. At this point, the popsicle weather had taken a turn toward comfort food, and chili seemed just perfect. (unless you're not eating meat...). Druid's tops off their chili with hot dogs, american cheese, and jalapenos. Guinea Pig, Tara Lutz aka"Chicken Wing" said it was "mom mom style deliciousness."

It's now nearing 8 pm, and I decide that not going to Jose Pistolas to hear Dennis (DJ Den Jams) from the P.o.p.e. (pub on passyunk east) and Adam from the Sidecar play records isn't an option. I definitely clocked in there. I told the Dj's they weren't allowed to deejay too often together. Whiskey wandered its way into my hands, Washington Ave. soft pretzels were involved and the rest is indeed, history.

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