April 3, 2009

Rattling and Humming in NY

Corey Reid (Sly sales too) and I were in New York at a Rattle and Hum promo on Tuesday night.
I hadn't been up there since the Pier fest in Sept. so I thought it was time. Corey's been traveling a lot and thought he might enjoy someone along for the field trip.

The Rattle and Hum bar is fairly new, but off to a good start. Irish owner Patrick apparently loves his Cask beer as much as U2.
They always have- 4- casks on tap.
It was no suprise that the NY caskmaster himself, Alex Hall, was there "cheersing" folks throughout the night.

Rattle and Hum always has an event on the Horizon. Stone Brewing is up next and then in a week they'll be doing US vs Belgium. Check out the list here...
April is also English Cask month at R and H-from their blog:

On April 11th at 2pm over 6,000 venues across the UK will try to smash the World Record for the Largest Toast. The current record stands at 485,000 people.

WE NEED YOU! Raise a pint of cask ale at Rattle ‘N’ Hum . LETS BREAK THE RECORD!

Casks available that day are: Westerham ‘Grasshopper Bitter’, Hook Norton ‘Hooky Gold’ & Ridgeway ‘Foreign Export Stout’

We will also have a special release from Sixpoint on cask.

The landmark event is part of a week long festival, National Cask Ale Week, which takes place from April 6-13 across the pond. Here at Rattle ‘N’ Hum we a celebrating the event for the whole month of April with four casks on at all times from England.

After the promo (poured 8 Sly) we went to the East Village tavern.
Also a great selection of beer. Sly Fox Renard D or and the Hop project were on tap. We finished up the night at Puck's Fair. I ventured there on thanksgiving of 2006. It was wonderful to see Helles Lager on tap, and even better to hear they go through 3 halves a week.
We took it fairly easy...
For the next day was macaroni madness, and my dish was -of course-=not made.

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