April 3, 2009

The results of P.o.p.e.'s Macaroni Madnessssss

Why does he look so glum?
He shouldn't....Michael Fava of Nodding Head
is the esteemed champ o' cheese.

He "crafted" a mac out of Monkey Knife Fight beer and lobster. (noodles and cheese too).
In a room full of enticing elbows, his stood out. His boss, Curt Decker, is proud of the Member's Only Jacket club president. It's apparent that his talent with the kettle is equally present in the kitchen.

Silver medal goes to Tracey Mulligan and Victory Brewing co. Tracey incorporated roasted tomatoes and double thick bacon in her recipe. She also used Golden Monkey, thus the name"Golden Monkaroni."

The Bronze of the evening goes to Left Hand Dan Conway. It should be noted that Dan outsourced his culinary prep to sous chef Potsie, and Potsie did right by him. He cooked the butchered bacon in Sawtooth Ale. I think he used fusili pasta. I know he hit up Dibruno Bros. for cheese because he beat me there by 20 minutes on Monday.

I see-sawed on my smokey mac. I wasn't sure if I liked it or not, but others seemed too.
I used rauchbier, smoked paprika, fresh smoked mozz, some french cheddar that was one of the oldest in the world, and beamster gouda. I used some penne-like pasta that I got in the Italian market "Buy one Get one free."

I started prepping it at 3 and had to be there at 5:15. The heat was on. I tore apart my kitchen, grated all my cheese, and somehow pulled it together. I was most nervous about making the bechamel, but it turned out nice and creamy.
I just found out I got 15 votes. Not too bad. That would have put me in 4th place.
An honorable mention.

My reward was a couple beers on the Hewlett house and a new p.o.p.e. bumper sticker which was stuck on the suzaru this evening.

Other macs include

*Philadelphia Brewing Co's "Smack and cheese"
with pepperoni. (first one I tried all night, really enjoyed it).

*Dock St's Bacon Mac and cheese made with Man of Trouble porter.

Steve Mashington's "I'll get there when I can" four cheese with flat noodles and prosciutto mac and cheese

Wendy from Dogfish Head made a special gruyere mac and cheese with a 90 minute cheese sauce.

Chili, soup, Cheese Steaks, Mac and Cheese....It's been a busy four food months.
I'll be taking a break from Food contests for just a little bit...They cost too much, and nothing for nothing, I never win....

But when I'm back, you'll be the first to know.


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