April 2, 2009

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Saturday was the 5th annual Quizzobowl. It might just be the largest quizzo contest in the world.

This showdown took place at the New Golden Palace on 8th and Washington. Its rather large. And it was the perfect venue if you don't count the actual food they serve up. Hate to say it, but nothing royal about it.

I wonder if they fill the entire restaurant on a Friday night-or if it just exists for weddings and Johnny's entertainment. Johnny put on the ritz securing a Hall and Oates cover band, "Haulin Oats."
He also had Chinese dragon dancers. I co hosted as "ginger"

Sly Fox sponsored the beer. The crowd drank down 2 halves of Pikeland Pils and 2 halves of Pale ale in no time. Pub and Kitchen was also a sponsor.

Photo: dj starr.
Teams were encouraged to wear uniforms. My favorite being the team sporting John Oates quotes.
Runners up were the "Watering Holes" a team that all dressed in thematic bar garb. Writer, Dave Allen, dressed like "Nodding Head" another team mate was dressed like "Doobies" and a lovely young lady pulled off "Copa Banana"
Second Place overall-=-

photo : DJ starr
The champs , Lambda Lambda Lambda, whom won last year's quizzobowl retained their titled and I managed to drink just two beers by the time it was all over. The after party was at Downey's. Nice wood floors, but quite possibly one of the worst beer lists in the city. I asked if any craft beer was available in bottles after seeing the towers void of it and they gave me my favorite answer, "Yuengling." I actually opted for a Guinness which the bartender proceeded to pour into a plastic cup, like I was some toots on the Erin Express two weeks ago. After finishing the stout, I had a rather brilliant idea; I thought perhaps they had a better beer selection on the first floor... Indeed, they had Flying Fish xtra pale and Chimay. I hadn't had a Chimay White in ages, so that was the second and last beer of the evening. I would be up and at em early...for brunch, a brunch that would never end...

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