April 29, 2009

Wrestling Figure Quiz

Perhaps some of you possess the affinity for Old School wrestling that I do.

I know almost everything there is to know about wrestling from '84 to '94.

And not just WWF....
I supported other federations....like UWF, NWA, and AWA as well.

Instead of having a normal birthday party like most 7th graders do with late night stories and frozen bras...I got to go to the spectrum to see Randy "Macho man" Savage and the Ultimate Warrior.
I even got the Big Boss Man's autograph that night. He's Dead. Most of them are. Heart Attacks.

But Macho Man's still ticking.... And keeping Slim Jim stock up.

So why all this ring talk?

Johnny Goodtimes posted this Mental Floss Quiz today on figurines...and if any of you have let's say 4 minutes....and have fond memories of the Junk Yard Dog (also dead) you should take it.

Most IHAS posts involve beer...so open up a quaffable for your quiz.

The score to beat (which is mine) is 10 out of 14. Kudos to Piano Man, Steve Odabashian for scoring an 11.

Oh and lastly I just found a part two....


  1. it's Adrian Adonis according to the picture's properties


  2. 8 of 14 round one
    11 of fifteen round two

  3. 12 out of 14 for round 1. 12 out of 15 for round two. Those He-Man figures screwed me up in Round 2.