May 31, 2009

Beer @ the Big House- Mt. Holly Beer Fest

Yesterday, while many of my beer buds were pairing food and beer at SAVOR in D.C. I was in Mt. Holly, NJ.

The Big House Beer Fest was held in the prison yard of the Burlington Co. prison.

This wasn't your typical fest.
Organized by John and Nancy Mcdevitt of the High Street Grill.
There was a ton of good sippin' to be had. I poured our maibock and our Sovereign Hop Project
A few surprises was the Troegs mad elf aged in a bourbon barrel- a bit sweet for me- sorry Nick.
Dennis from Stone had a vertical epic 7-7-07 aged in wine barrels. Bob Gera was there with some North Coast Old Stock and Allagash Curieux.

I finally met Christian Ryan of Riverhorse. He had a golden ale with coffee. Very interesting.
Usually when I say that its a way of covertly saying I don't care for it. But I liked this.
I actually wish I had some right now.

Beer Advocates were floating around with some of their cellars best. I had a li'l 2000 Samichlaus and an 2003 DFH Au Courant.
I got to stand next to Megan Mcguire all day watching her Ommegang shit show. She had her cooler propped with a brick. Her beer wasn't pouring right. Or should I say 4 of her six beers weren't pouring right. She had to take pitchers from Clipper City. Then she couldn't find them to return them...It was a disaster.

I ran into a few folks I knew. Mark Haynie was about.The music was fun but I was right by the band as usual. Not a bad thing though as they kept singing about Sly Fox (and about how they were enjoying the view).

I can't find my sunglasses (shocking, I least I lasted a month) so I squinted in the mt. holly sun all day. As you can see in this picture >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

We then headed to High St. with the Hunterdon Guys.
I had a delicious seared duck with israeli cous cous and wilted spinach.
I like israeli (larger) more than the Moroccan style.

We return to the city and hit up South Philly.
Today I ran and biked it all off.
Now it's 10:35 and I am starving. But I'll wait till tomorrow.

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