May 31, 2009

Beer Blast

Sunday night.
A beautiful day, but not too eventful. I did get a present though.
Lance became a member of the Philadelphia Public Library.
He stopped by their bookstore and got me "Beer Blast" by Philip Van Munching

Sly Fox brewer, Brian O'Reilly has told me about this book a few times- a 12 year old precursor to the "Beer Wars" movie.

From the sleeve
"He dissects in colorful fashion all the brewing fads and follies of the past two decades. Including the overhyped (and sometimes downright silly) product claims like "Beechwood Aging" and "Rocky Mountain Water, The would be fads that fizzled (dry beer, ice beer, clear beer) and the weird ad gimmicks from Spuds Mackenzie to the Swedish Bikini Team."

It appears to be a rather entertaining read, but one that's difficult to find.
If anyone wants to borrow it when I'm done let me know.


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  1. Great book. They have it at the public library in Wayne. 67 second walk from Teresa's Next Door.