May 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Phoodie Collin Flatt- that's one n and two t's

This post would have been properly timed about half an hour ago- when it was still Collin's birthday, but se la vie.

I had been a faithful reader of Philebrity for years, and Phoodie as of the last year. I finally got to meet Collin (phoodie writer) at the Armory Oktoberfest.

He cheerfully (or drunkenly) came up and introduced himself to me.

It was friendship at first mug clank. Since then we have had many beers- most of them at the p.o.p.e ( his office.) We've bonded over our shared hatred of sublime and Parking Authority woes.

He entertained the TUD this year during beer week with "Me so horny" It was truly amazing.

He's made the effort with his ladyfriend Rashi to see me at Bridgids almost 90% of the Mondays I have worked there.

He's given me some rather spectacular wine, and enlightened me on a breadth of topics.

He's a joy to be around, a work hard- play hard kinda guy.

Collin can often be found at the Philadelphia Wine School on Fairmount (they have also recently started a beer school- check out their website).

To collin- may the boots stay off your wheels, may you enjoy all your Zahav meals, and may the office always provide an enabling environment from which we can- and will flourish.

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