May 8, 2009

Oh Joe-=-= we'll miss you so

Today- everybody's "buddy" will say good by to South Philly Tap Room after 9+months of managing...

Joey Beddia is taking off for cheese country.
He wants to be the prince of the pie- pizza that is. He'll be back in a few months.

I actually went to college with Joey (though we were not well acquainted).
Then at the World Cafe Live beer Fest in February of 2005 we reintroduced ourselves.

Very little know fact (with all respect to Lance) I actually was a bit sweet on him in the summer of 2005. We even had a date at the good dog.

So I am excited for him that he ventures off like this from time to time, to explore and be educated. I remember when he went to belgium for a bit a few years back.

I searched my picasa albums and I surprisingly didn't have one pic of the I stole this from his facebook....Looks like someone went through beer training for Wisconsin....Wish him well over Happy hour tonight at South Philly tap room. 5ish....

1 comment:

  1. Joe "The Decider" was the best. Sad to see him go. His beer selections at SPTR were top notch and he always made me feel welcome every time I went there. Best of luck to him in Wisconsin!