May 16, 2009

Paneers Please! National Bike to Work Month

For those of you who don't know...yesterday was National
"Ride your bike to work day." And this week was "ride your bike to work week, and this month is..... you guessed it.

So I'm going to try an experiment for the rest of the month. Wish I would've started it sooner, but I'm going to ride my bike to "work" everyday. Being in Sales- this will be a difficult task.
But the whole experience should provide me with many anecdotes, hopefully no accidents.
This gives a whole new meaning to "adventures in beer selling."

I went to meet the new bar manager at Roosevelts- Andrew. Nice guy. Roosevelt's has a reputation of penny drinks. Apparently people really like giving a quarter and getting 25 at one time. They are the largest selling bud bar in the city! 18 halves a week. But they want to have a few craft on. I don't think sly is going to get on the tower right away, but in time. right now he's pouring Troegs Sunshine pils, Victory Hop devil, and Kensinger. I think he's going to start with the Sly cans, and go from there. So what did I do to embarrass myself before leaving....
I threw my sales bag upon the counter, forgetting that I had 7 stout glasses in there. I heard that crack/crunch and immediatly think of John G's bank account. I only broke two, but two too many. At least he saw that I can help support them with pints down the road. ugh.

I left Andrew with 3 cans. off to the new Varga bar...

I still had a sleeve of coasters, five glasses, two books on beer, and a bottle of saison vos. My bags were incredibly awkward, and now a day later, my shoulders are killing me. I have two paneers for a back rack that lance has to hook up for me. I can do it myself, but he enjoys this stuff. My shoulders will thank him.

At the varga bar I was helping with a staff education. They're opening with a great lineup that includes, Flying Fish Belgian Mild, Founders Backwoods Bastard, Bells Oberon, Rogue Imperial Pilsner, Sly Fox Helles, Dogfish Head 90 and 120, and more.

Chef Evan Turney's food was delicious. This was the Friday happy hour of my dreams.
Note: The rootbeer float is made With Victory Root Beer!

Then off to Good Dog,Erin just got promoted to Friday bartender joining Zach. (Dave Mauro and Lisa are now managers only). The two made a good team. Zach played all the ub40 April Annie desired, The Sly Fox saison was on tap, and next thing I knew it was 9:30. Off to meet Lance and the Iron Hill gang at the Kite and the Key.
I stayed there for a bit, but biked home and was in bed by midnight.

Day two

I ride to Bishops Collar with coasters in hand. Might not ride home, though;)


  1. That's pretty funny. I was a beer rep for Gravity Brewing and Red Bell and I biked to all my accounts, mostly Center City and Manayunk. The worst aspects were taxi drivers and Septa buses. I got nailed by a driver opening her door on me and flew off the handlebars cracking open my sample bottles in the process.