May 5, 2009

Salsa Contest @ Temperance House tonight & Duck Rabbit all day

Salsa- a combination of chilis, tomatoes and other spices is traced back to the Incas, Aztecs, and Mayans. The sauce was officially named in 1571.

I enjoy salsa... I am a bit of a wimp with heat- thus I usually go for mild or medium. I bought a zippy black bean salsa from a little tea shop in Newtown last month.

Speaking of Newtown- I will be judging a "salsa" contest there this evening.

I think its about the sauce and not about the dance- 6 local restaurants will be competing.
If you are in the area, its at the Temperance House 5 state st. Across the st from Isaac Newtons.

For those in the city-=- side car! side car! side car--- duck rabbit launch tonight!

Also for the burb beer lovers-=- CAPONES will be pouring Duck Rabbit all day- starting at 11:30. Matt's list includes-=-=-= Paul's "Day off " and amber....and a Bourbon Milk Stout (both are the only kegs in PA)

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