May 13, 2009

Swiftly approaching.

Swift Half is set to open next Tuesday.
The sophomore effort of Good Dog's Heather Gleason and Dave Garry.

For those that don't know-=-a swift half is when you stop by the bar on your way home thinking I'll make it a quick one. I think the "Swift half" will then turn into about 5 or 15.

From the Septic's companion

swift half: n a half pint of beer, had swiftly before departing. Although quite often it’s not really that. You might propose having a swift half with some people after work, when in reality you know that it probably won’t be just one swift half, it’ll be sixteen swift halves like last Wednesday, when Ernie ended up breaking his arm and you had sex with that homeless person.

I snuck by there on Sunday on my way back from Fishtown. 1001 N. 2nd St.

Luckily Jeff the manager (promoted from sister bar Good dog) was there building his office.
I thought I would provide him with some refreshment in the midst of his drilling. A sly fox sixer.

You can't enter through 2nd st. Or else you'd be in the kitchen. ( I just want all the yummy grilled fish that will be coming out of the kitchen). They've got former chef Jeff kozlowski back from Osteria. Jeff also spent time working for Jose Garces prior to . This is great news. Jessica O'Donnell will keep doing that thing she does so well at the Good Dog.

The entrance is off the Piazza. Soon you will see 40 seats outside. Quite a switch up from the Good dog where all you see is Casey and Steve Mashington smoking outside.

Walk in. Long wood bar to your left. 20 seats. 10 taps. No macros on tap.

The only macros they are carring will be high life, amstel light, and corona ( i know lance, I know).

Tall back bar with plenty o room for bottles and what looks to be a gap for a big tv.

There will be a bunch of tables in the middle of the room and booths on the far right wall.

Its bigger and a lot more open then good dog. There will be a nice tin ceiling on one side and wooden beams on the other. For a brand new building it will be comfortable.

There will actually be 3 bathroom stalls in each bathroom.. Quite a lavatory expansion from the 15th st bar.

Two dart boards will be in the back of the back dining area.

They will stay away from some of the fried food on the good dog menu- and being doing a bit more grilled. Think fish for the summer.

The couple is very excited about the staff they hired. Expect great service and beer knowledge.

If there was ever a duo behind this place that could make the location work its the Gleason/Garry duo of Good Dog- but I don't think you will be able to compare it to Good Dog.

They pulled the whole project together in 5 weeks. (I'm knocking on wood;)

Come by and toast them next tuesday night.

For an interesing post on Bart's whole no libs the philly skyline.


  1. Wow, that was quick! Can't wait to check it out.

  2. Here's hoping it's as good as described--it sounds great.