May 28, 2009

Thank God its Thursday....Bockin' it at scrips spelling bee.

Good Thursday Morning.
I listened to a fella's advice and put my soy milk in my coffee cup before my coffee and it worked.
Curdle free. We're off to a good start.

Tonight is a big, big night at Bridgids. It's brimming with fun.
They start their Bockfest. (to last all weekend).


Instigator, Ramstein MaiBock, troegs troegenator, HeBrew Rejewvenator, Anchor Bock, Sam Adams Double Bock, Atwater Voodoovator....

from Andy Farrel:
"Staring tonight at 6pm, we'll tap Ramstein, Sly Instigator and Anchor and they'll replace one as they kick....."

And if that wasn't enough excitement...
It is the Scripps National Spelling Bee viewing party.

8 pm.
Spelling beer here -live, during commercials.

prizes and beer.

Come by if you can.

Lance should make it to the second round. I will probably get stuck with a word like "disquietous" which I can't hear properly with mic feedback and get out in the first round. (if history repeats itself).

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