May 26, 2009

Week in Eats part two: Iron Abbey Small Plates Dinner

I think I'm gonna hit the tums again. My stomach that once upon an afternoon was begging for spring rolls and chicken korma just wants antacids.

Let's continue onto Wednesday- Iron Abbey small plates beer dinnerAdd Image

We had a good ol' time in Horsham last Wednesday. The Iron Abbey is just a month of so old.
One side of the building is a Beer Bar with international selections and the other side is a braziliam steakhouse. A lot of money was spent. It's like the size of the convention center. well, not really, but close. There are a few owners, but I chat with Rui mostly. They love soccer too- so if you're out that way, its a good place to watch a match.

Guillermo (website guy for Iron Abbey) designed this great program to guide the guests through the night.
There was a space for Brian to sign autographs. There was information about our brewery, the iron abbey and comment space to write about all the beers.
We were to pair up five beers and five small plates for only $25. Que una ganga!

First up to be paired with saison vos was the duck with goat cheese mousse.
Pairing was perfect. The spritziness of the saison cut into the fat of the duck and the creaminess of the goat cheese. Chef John was off to a good start. (despite the fact that he wasn't a "beer guy.")

Next up was bacon wrapped filet with the maibock. I wasn't sure about this pairing up looking at the menu but it was good. I knew having the steakhouse next door, we were in for some good meat.

Who doesn't want to eat tuna tartare all summer? I do. And paired up with Royal Weisse -even betta.
The following was Brian's favorite pairing of the night-= a spicy, smokey sirloin with an fried onions on top. Rt 113 IPA. p-e-r-f-e-c-t.The last pairing was also spot on...a caramelized banana bathing in Chocolate Fondue.
This was paired with the Ichor. We've done banana and chocolate dishes with the Ichor in the past. It works- very well.Here's a group shot. This is after dinner and I look kinda chubby. ugh.

Rui says he will get Iron Abbey "perfect."
His hospitality is already there. After we finished our wonderful meal.... Rui had all the Brazilian "cowboys" come in from next door and cut a variety of meats for us. Lamb, Filet, Sausage...
Everything was delightfully seasoned. Once again, thank God it wasn't Lent.

Here's their website...
They're right on 611 before the Willow Grove Airforce Base
They'll also be hosting a beer fest in September.

ps: It should be noted that I had to go through this entire blog just now and change the spelling of "abbey." I guess I've got the northern libs watering hole on the mind. I'll have to stop in at the other Abbaye this week for lunch.

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