May 27, 2009

The week in eats: Swift Half @ the Piazza

Swift Half has been open for business for five days today. I checked out there soft opening on Thursday. It was a gorgeous night. a jazz band was playing on the main piazza stage. We had a table outside, some of my favorite Philadelphians were there. Life was good.

I was taking it easy on Thursday. I started with the "ghost of mary" a "deconstructed" bloody mary which has the essence of tomato. Their head bartender Bob concocted it. I know it involves a cheesecloth, but the rest of the process escapes me. I've known Bob for years and I knew him as a muddler. But this Bloody is bloody goodness. kudos to my ol' brit friend.

I ordered the duck proscuitto and fig salad. My what crisp greens! And a nice match up for the Sly Fox Maibock.

Wendy ordered Cucumber sandwiches....a simple summer snack. There was a lot of them. Like 8.

Main entrees were the Mole Ribs (which my company wanted spicier, but I dug em).
They share plate space with plantain chips and a jicama slaw.
or Fish and Chips. I am not one for the pesce potato platter, but I do think its a great beer food.
They are doing fudge plates and fairy cakes (cupcake trio) for dessert. The menu will continue to expand. foobooz has it on his site as well.

Lance and I headed back there this Sunday (we were going to the craft fair). So now I've had about 5 beers there...and I have yet to have a swift half. Not that I needed a reason to go back sooner than later.....

We were also celebrating Wendy from Dogfish's Birthday that night.
here's the birthday girl with Gordon Grubb.

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