May 27, 2009

The week in eats: vol 4. Devil's Den, South Philly Tap Room and back to the piazza

Friday night was South Philly.

I had a sampling at Bella Vista which wrapped up around 8. It was super. We sold a ton of beer. It was refreshing that customers actually wanted to talk to me.

Afterward, I was way too close to Devil's Den to not stop in and say Hi to Erin and Scott.

I was beyond hungry, not quite famished but needed a little layer of lard before my layer of lager consumed during my south philly pub crawl.

Softshelled crabs are in season and they are popping up on pub menus all over the city.

This was a ss crab poboy with a mango slaw. It was good but a whole lotta roll.
I snagged some mussels from my friend too. They were pleasantly plump.
The maibock was on tap and tasting as yummy as it did yesterday.

Later that night I would swing by the Pope, visit Clark over at Lucky 13 then swing through the Cantina on my way home. It's five days later and I am still dehydrated. (or is that because the Phils game last night) Collin said it best, "This was like Beer Week Part two."

Saturday brought me to South Philly Tap room to try the most elusive Canadian Breakfast Stout.
It was a hot one, but I walked my city in pursuit of the maple syrup barreled beer. Just to find that I was wrong about the 5:00 tapping. It was 9. Oh no. Is this really my life right now?
But the good folks of sptr tapped it a bit early. I do get a little spoiled sometimes.

While waiting for it, I ordered a Sly Fox standard ale and ate a squid and watermelon salad. I really needed the refreshment of a salad but also something with little sustenance. This was straight out of my dreams. I got over fried calamari about 5 years ago...but I still enjoyed this.

Lance selected the grilled cheese and tomato soup. Cheesey enough to appease any friend of the fromage.
After this I went to the Varga Bar to meet up with my sister, Kathy. Haven't seen her in a few weeks. She did that "Katie Holmes thing" with her hair and she looked very good. She even had a beer or two (she's a winelover). THEN I even got her to go to Local 44 with me. It was all locals weekend. Lance was already there (his eddy was on tap) and I kept him waiting for me a bit. Yes, this is a sore subject. The prometheus wasn't on tap yet, but the Sly Fox placebo (second runnings of our barleywine, panacea- british mild) was...and that's exactly what I was in the mood for.

Sunday it was back to the piazza. We were annoyed with the union picketers so to spite them we went to the new wine bar Vino. Its really rather large. We split a panini and I yawned at their beer list. I think they could do well with big bottles. We'll see. Right now they only have lachouffe. They only locals getting any love our Dogfish Head, Yards and Flying Fish. they have over 20 others that are macros or cliche imports (with the exception of Westmalle).
I ran into Sean Hamel of harpoon with his family. That was nice. His son Nolan is c-u-t-e.
then off to Bar Ferdinand. WE had a great brunch here a few months back and we were hoping to duplicate it. An industry bud Kema was working the bar. I wanted to consume the lobster leek omlet (who wouldn't?) but it was 86'd so I got some "egg crepe" greenbeans, mahon cheese, ham, It was okay. I learned I don't like mahon cheese and I still don't like ham. The dates, bacon and cream cheese stuffed in puff pastry were welcomed to my hips. ( We were walking alot that day, so it's okay, right?). I even tried Rose wine. I'm no longer going to fear roses. I get annoyed when people don't want to try the cans, so I could only assume winemakers would want me to try the rose. This was a bubbly one, like chardonnay. I truly try to avoide being the gal with the pink drink next to the beer sipping guy. But it happened twice that day. Ugh.

So that's a wrap on the week in eats.
Four editions. I'm tired. and not the least bit hungry.

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