May 26, 2009

Week in Eats.

I just reached for tums for the first time in months. It's been a long week of eats and my stomach is not close to being right.

Sunday the brewer and I headed to Memphis Tap Room. I had some bacon and their "nest"
Which is challah bread with the center punched out and an egg fried in the hole's place. They then top it with a savory mushroom sauce. It was rich as hell. The bacon was perfectly washed down with a bear republic Heritage scotch ale. (haven't had a bad bp yet!)

Tuesday was lunch at Chifa. My friend Jessie is having a little girl this September. I hadn't seen her since October of 2007. Way, way overdue. We opted for the chef's tasting. Not at all a bad deal for $25 a person.




Vietnamese Pork Sandwich

Spare Ribs
Dessert (great texture play)

We're only on Tuesday but I'm gonna start a new post to chat about our Iron Abbey Small plates beer dinner....

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