June 5, 2009

Bad Picture- Good Food @ the Khyber Pass

I feel the need to bring the Khyber Pass cheap ass delicious food to your attention.

When I'm in that area and the stomach is starting to grumble...I think Khyber, National Mechanics, or Society Hill Hotel. Pharmacia is nice for Brunch actually-=-== because they start at 9 am.

The Khyber is always switching the menu up...I've already written about their mini Royal Tavern burger before...This week they had two different kinds of Quiche- Lorraine and Vegetarian. I chose the homemade scrumptious veggie egg pie- I have a mild aversion to domestic ham, despite my obsession with most other pork products.

My dining companion got a steak burrito that was bigger than my head- bringin me back to College days at PSU eating at LaBamba.
We also shared fried pickles- known simply as "frickles."

Some other menu items escape me- but the menu is thoughtful and C H E A P.
There was barely an item over $6.

It might just be the best deal in the O.C.

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